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RapidSpray is an innovative company, designing, developing and manufacturing a large range of tanks and related products suited to Australia's most precious resource – water. Over the years, attention to our customers exacting needs has seen the business grow to become the trusted name in Water and Diesel Cartage Tanks, Agricultural Sprayers, Fire-fighting Units and Dust Suppression Systems. An extensive dealer network ensures that you have ready access to the product range and that your purchase supports your local economy.

At RapidSpray, we're confident of our ability to produce innovative solutions for our rural customers. Years of practical experience, and a commitment to quality and value, go into every product that we design, develop and manufacture. We go to great lengths to ensure our products are as safe and as reliable as we can possibly make them.

RapidSpray is a family-owned company, and we have worked hard to create a workplace that nurtures and encourages staff development. The dedication and commitment of our staff highlights the value of this approach..

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